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Babello Aquapark - Dahuk-Kuzey Irak
The total area of 10,000 m2, 4 pools, slides 7 adults, 10 children with an oasis slide animation...

Çukurca Aquapark - Hakkari
Kato at the foot of the mountain, a total of 6,000 m2 ...

Chavy Aquapark - K. Irak
20,000 m2, 5 pools, slides 8 adults, the largest waterpark in the Middle East with six children animation

Antalya Pegasos Hotels Aquapark-2014
10,000 m2 14 slides 6 pools Construction time: 88 days

All studies or technical services related to a waterpark, second, can be obtained from us without the need for third-party companies.

Our website is renewed.
ou provide the best services to our valued customers, we renewed our web site...

Swimming Pools and Aquaparks

Our company manufacturing a aquapark, have the ability to turn-key, which is a rare company.

This is our production and pool slides sömellerine the excavation, all pools and slides infrastructure construction and finishing work, five different pools within the system by selecting the manufactured swimming pools, water slides at different scale packages, slide towers, concrete Somel, sun terrace, pool and pool heating off systems, buildings, changing cabins, showers, landscaping, electronic entry systems, installation and sales, general transformer, such as artesian capacity selection covers all manufacturing and technical services.

To get the license and you need to do manufacturing, architecture projects, static projects, mechanical installation and electrical installation projects prepared by us through the bureaucratic contribution to rapid preparations are provided.

Besides this, in line with customer preferences, coarse and fine construction work, we will prepare detailed projects and, by our control to our customers by providing more affordable also are helping to make production.

All work or technical services related to a water park, second, third can be obtained from us without the need for companies.

Total required water park area, which are necessary with the size of the pool and the number of slides, pools and pool heating shutdown systems, artesian, etc. Overall transformer size. As in all the detail work, we can take our advice, at the beginning of your investment can be planned in a healthy way.



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