Swimming Pool Closing

Telescopic openable pool covering system gives strength, durability and protection to your traditional pool; you can open the cover in a few minutes whwnever you want to. In this way, you can have pool fun at open air in sunny and hot days.
Telescopic openeable POOL CLOSİNG pool covering systems present the most reasonable solutions to our needs with a widw range of alternatives, stile and personel manufacturing possibilities. We are waiting for you impatiently to design the reasonable one for your dreams.
Detached Systems
Catch the chance to use your pool in the garden for 4 seasons. Ulusal Havuz, with its design, engineering and installing, gives you a chance to have freedom, comfort and good time. Just in a few minutes, you can turn your terrace or veranda into a new life area, by the help of telescopic miracle POOL CLOSİNG.
E System
E system is ideal for small pools, thermal pools and hot bathtubs. When high walled pool covering system is wanted, its the ideal solution with high walls divided into 4 and look that doesn’ t bother your eyes. E system can be designed with railness system TeleGlide(TS) or award winner rail system SecurTrak(AS). Besides forming a standardization at the sector with its quality, safet easy usable properties, E system POOL CLOSİNG systems present simplicity, too. Components used in less numbers and designed in the direction of rapid fitting principles, E system is in the most economic models.
D System 
D system is the most preferred design. With its 6 parted style, high walls, low appearance and esthetic style, it provides an ideal solution for the house and commercial applications. D system can be designed with railness system TeleGlide(TS) or award winner rail system SecurTrak(AS). Like in all the other POOL CLOSİNG systems; high resistant aluminum, electrostatic powder paint system, stainless steel and anti-corrosive other accessories provide safe and comfortable usage that don’ t require caring for many years. D systems can be produced of maximum 34’ (10.0 m) width x 112’(34.1 m) length, 12’(3.7 m) height and 75 psf(3.6 kPa) snow and wind mass resistant.
V System 
V system is ideal when high, spacious, well-lighted and airy places are preferred like big commercial pools. These; 8 parted, trampoline, slide, chaise longue and pool furniture placeable systems are the most ideal systems to create a spacious, well-lighted, airy and high roofed large closed areas. Because of its geometric design, it has great resistance against snow mass. It’ s ideal for commercial pools, city pools and restaurants that have large open area. V systems can be obtained with the award winner rail systems SecurTrak and SecurLok(AS). V systems can be produced of maximum 42’ (12.8 m) width x 96’(29.26 m) length, 14’(4.27 m) height and 85 psf(4 kPa) snow and wind mass resistant.
Jakuzi System
POOL CLOSİNG openable covering systems eliminate difficulties that limit continuous usage like rain,wind, snow and cold, hard weather conditions. This system guarantees the protection even if the jakuzi isn’ t being used. 2 moduled system, that is formed of 2 parts each sized 12’ x14’(3.65 mx4.27 m), is produced by using the new system, TeleGlide(TS) which moves directly on the ground as wheeled and formed of modules that cross into eachother. These systems, designed to be used at the regions where cold weather conditions form cause serious problems, guarantees the same safety and strength as our first class systems. Standard glass pannel choise will keep you away from the curious looks and make you enjoy your jakuzi. 
Fiberglass and Small Pool Systems
Ulusal Havuz’ s TeleGlide(TS) system is designed railness, considering the small pool owners’ needs. These systems are designed to present economic solutions at superior quality to more modest pools in the name of Ulusal Havuz. The system, at maximum 25’x54’(7.6 mx16.5 m) sizes, that moves directly on the ground as whheeled and formed of modules that cross into eachother, is presenred with quality, safety and usage simplicity properties that are gathered under the name of Ulusal havuz. 
· Openable manual or automatic
· Openable completely or partial
· 4 basic profile colours ( RAL 9010- White, RAL 1016- Beige, RAL 7039- Grey, RAL 8014-Brown) 
· Designed of polycarbonate (alternatives are given below) ur glass pannels 
· 4 different kinds of polycarbonate pannels ( transparent, reflected, bronze and multicellular ( bronze at the top and white at the bottom)) 
· AWith aperture of maximum 36 and limitless width ( each module width can be designed between 24’’(0.6 m) and 40’’(1 m))
· Versatility
The alternative of being useable both open and close by the help of opening and closing in a few minutes.
· Using for 4 seasons
Possibility of using upto 12 months as to the place you live.
· Protecting from the UV rays
% 99 protection, by the help of special coating material.
· Safe for the families
Guarantees life security for the children and animals when kept closed.
· Always readyHer Zaman Hazır
The pool is kept away from the leaves and dust; you can spend less time for cleaning and have more time to swim.
· Enegy Saver
Multicellular coating material keeps the passive sun energy and saves energy at bad weather conditions.
· Low cost
Has %50-70 lower cost than having a close pool and paying the expenses.
·Different models
8 different designs that cover all your needs and different models.
· Security and safety
Systems are manufactured of the snow mass and wind speed that are figured according to the international standardization.
· Usage simplicity
Models are designed to be opened just in a few minutes by a grownup person himself.
· Superior engineering
By the help of superior SecurTrak™ & SecurLok™ rail and locking system, even large systems (AS) can become easily and simple opened and closed.
· Durability
Aluminum used is under 5 years guarantee. Its durable and longlifed structure that doesn’ t need caring, all system componenets are produced of of stainless steel or anti-corrosive material.
· Special designs
Profile, coating material, colour present many alternatives at door and windows and design the system according to your all wants and the ground conditions.


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